Stories Of Redcoats, Rebels And Romance


About The Author

Marsha McDonald, a California native, left the clogged freeways of Los Angeles and moved to bucolic New Hampshire where she lives in a wooded setting and works as a legal assistant in historic Boston. On weekends, she leaves behind the legal world and ventures back in time to create stories about redcoats, rebels and romance.
Secrets of the Soul is her debut novel. She is currently working on a prequel. Stay tuned!


Love, Deception, Revenge…

War is brewing in Boston and Jackson Dever can no longer remain neutral. Faced with the hardest decision of his life, he joins the British Army. The woman who owns his heart reviles his decision but promises to wait. When Jackson is taken prisoner, he learns his true love married another—a Tory no less. Once released, he is hellbent on finding Mrs. Daniels and demanding to know why she betrayed their love.

After receiving nothing from Jackson for two years, Mimi Morgan is done waiting. Longing for a family of her own, she marries Charles Daniels. When the couple move to British-occupied Philadelphia, Mimi becomes a spy for the Patriots, taking matters—and her life—into her own hands. Everything is going as intended until Jackson, wearing the enemy’s uniform, shows up at a gala demanding to know why she married Charles. As memories of love and passion unfold, and truths revealed, Mimi must decide: should she give in to her heart’s desire or stay true to her marriage vow?

Secrets of the Souls - Redcoat Romantic Novel by Marsha McDonald